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Get Facebook Leads on WhatsApp

Instantaneously get all Leads generated through Facebook on your Personal WhatsApp

  • Seamless Lead Integration
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Enhanced Lead Engagement
  • Centralized Lead Tracking
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Multi-Channel Reach

Official WhatsApp API for your business

Dive into the process of setting up a WhatsApp Business Account to establish an official presence on the platform

  • Send bulk messages to customers
  • Generate leads and automate sales
  • Message Tagging
  • Dashboard to monitor the progress
  • Easy API integration

Let the AI
talk for you!

We build personalized and customized WhatsApp Chatbots to make your business easier and faster

  • Instant reply to the customers
  • Customer support with minimum
    cost by sales automation
  • Free the customer support
    agent from FAQs
  • Expand business hassle-free
    through WhatsApp
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Why Choose WhatsApp

Chances are less for your message to get unnoticed by your Customer if sent on WhatsApp - the most popular messaging tool.

95% Open Rates

45-60% Click Rates

2 Bn+ Users

Why Choose Happilee?

Retain Customers

Encourage customers to return and shop at your store by answering their questions promptly.

Save Precious Business Hours

Manage customer FAQs without the need for human intervention with custom auto-replies.

Stay Organized

Make contact management easier by using smart cards, labels, tags, and private notes.

Boost Your Business with Happilee's Powerful Features

Launch WhatsApp Sales

Use WhatsApp campaigns and autoreplies to showcase your product catalog

Operator Management

What if the customer left without purchasing? You can send personalized reminders through WhatsApp to motivate them to make that impulsive purchase.

Add WhatsApp Widget & Team Inbox

Make it easy for customers to raise queries on your website and collaborate with your teammates to resolve them quickly by incorporating a WhatsApp widget.

Send Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Easy one-click sending of one-time or recurring promotions to thousands of opted-in customers.

Mobile Responsive

Happilee is a responsive web app. You can monitor your customer chats on both mobile and desktop.

Monitor Chat Analytics

Track your agents' reply and response time to improve your customer experience.

Facebook Leads To WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides real-time messaging capabilities, enabling businesses to engage with leads instantly.

Flow Builder

It provides a visual interface for designing and managing conversation flows, enabling businesses to build personalized and engaging experiences for their customers.

Message Tagging

It helps businesses effectively communicate with their customers while maintaining the integrity and quality of the messaging platform.

7X better than Email & SMS Marketing

Your Customers check WhatsApp at least once in every 30 minutes. But not SMS or EMail.

95% Open Rates

45-60% Click Rates

78% Response Rates

Smart Notifications can help you convert leads into customers.

Alerts based on WhatsApp CTA buttons help you drive users to your website and boost conversions.

  • Use WhatsApp as a landing channel to
    generate 5X Leads.

    When users click on your Facebook or Instagram ads, they are directed to WhatsApp. When they start the chat, you get their name and WhatsApp number! Bonanza!

  • Send Product Information Using Smart Buttons

    Share details about your products, services, and courses with your leads, and use clickable buttons to generate instant interest and conversions. Send images, videos, and documents to thousands of leads at once!

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500+ customers worldwide are thrilled with it!


Alba Fashions

The integration of Happilee with WhatsApp Business API has streamlined our interactions with customers.
It’s made communication efficient and hassle-free, resulting in improved client engagement.

Alba Fashions

Verified Purchaser


Absolutely loving Happilee! It’s been a game-changer for me.
The features are fantastic, and it’s super user-friendly. I highly recommend giving it a try!


Verified Purchaser

Reswin Ali

Excellent Product!
I like the bulk messaging feature on Happilee. It allows me to send messages to multiple contacts at once, which is incredibly convenient. This feature simplifies communication and saves me valuable time, especially when I need to reach out to a group of people simultaneously.
I’m having a great time using the product and wholeheartedly recommend it!

Swapna Weddings

Verified Purchaser

Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to answer your queries at any time. Our precedence is customer pride in our solutions and service.

Messaging limits determine the maximum number of business-initiated conversations each phone number can start in a rolling 24-hour period. A business-initiated conversation starts when the first message is delivered to a customer and ends 24 hours later. A conversation can’t end before then. If you reach your messaging limit, you can start more conversations as soon as one or more active conversations end. Messaging limits do not apply to user-initiated conversations.

There are four levels of messaging limits that apply to businesses that have completed Business Verification:

  • Allows your phone number to have 1,000 business-initiated conversations (with 1,000 unique customers) in a rolling 24-hour period.
  • Allows your phone number to have 10,000 business-initiated conversations (with 10,000 unique customers) in a rolling 24-hour period.
  • Allows your phone number to have 100,000 business-initiated conversations (with 100,000 unique customers) in a rolling 24-hour period.
  • Allows your phone number to have unlimited business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24-hour period.

* A business starts with 1,000 business-initiated conversations per phone number when it completes Business Verification.

Yes, We can integrate Happilee with Facebook business page

Yes, We can itegrate Happilee with websites

First 1000 conversations each month (business or user initiated) will be free. The conversations will fall into two categories that will be priced differently: User-initiated Conversation- Where users reach out to the business regarding support and general queries. Business-initiated Conversation- Where business will deliver Notifications or messages. These conversations are measured in 24-hour increments, or "sessions", that start whenever the first message from a business is delivered.

Your messaging limits are automatically increased based on the volume and quality of the messages you send. Conversely, your limit can also be decreased if more of your messages are reported or blocked by users.

Limits for a phone number can be increased if the following three items are true:

  • Within a 7-day period, the phone number starts business-initiated conversations with twice the amount of unique customers supported in the current messaging limit.
  • The phone number has been at the current messaging limit for at least 48 hours. Once the business reaches this threshold, its limits are automatically increased.

Maintaining High Quality:

  • Make sure messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy and Commerce Policy.
  • Only send messages to users who have opted into receiving messages from your business.
  • Make the messages highly personalized and useful to users. Avoid sending open-ended welcome or introductory messages.
  • Be mindful of messaging frequency; avoid sending customers too many messages a day. Be thoughtful of informational messages, optimizing for content and length.

Flagged businesses that have a low quality rating cannot get higher messaging limits. After a business is Flagged, it must return to the Connected status, and then restart the process to increase their limit. If your business has a "Flagged" status and the quality rating doesn't improve, your messaging limits will be decreased. See more information about the "Flagged" status here.

Payment for every month needs to be done in advance for the subscription to be carried over to the next month.

Invoice will be generated on the 25th of every month. If a subscription is taken in the middle of the month, invoice until 25th will be generated. Invoices need to be cleared within 5 days, or subscription will be canceled. There are 2 types of invoices:

1. A dedicated mobile number is needed for this Chatbot.

Note: This number cannot be used for installing WhatsApp, once the number is registered. It will take 24 – 48 hrs. for the registration and verification process.

2. Verified Facebook Business page.

3. A detailed workflow of how the chatbot should respond to messages.

4. A template required for initiating chats and sending broadcast messages which should get the approval from WhatsApp.

Note: This might take upto 24 hrs. which is completely up to the policies of WhatsApp.

Your quality rating is based on how messages have been received by recipients over the past seven days and is weighted by recency. It is determined by a combination of quality signals from conversations between businesses and users. Examples include user feedback signals like blocks, reports and the reasons users provide when they block a business.

The phone number status, quality rating, and messaging limits for your WhatsApp business account are listed in the Phone Numbers tab in WhatsApp Manager.

Workflow would be added by NeoITO for the first six months starting from the signing date.

Yes training is provided. Every 6 months there will be a product training for new enhanced features

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