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Transforming Talent Acquisition
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In today's highly competitive job market, efficient talent acquisition is paramount for organizations seeking top talent. Traditional recruitment processes are often resource-intensive and slow, causing delays in filling crucial positions. This case study delves into the implementation of Happilee, a SaaS application leveraging the WhatsApp Business Cloud API, to automate the initial screening of candidates. This innovation significantly reduces the effort of the hiring department and streamlines the recruitment process.


Talent acquisition is a pivotal aspect of organizational success. However, conventional recruitment processes can be cumbersome, involving multiple stages of candidate screening and evaluation. To address these challenges, our organization introduced the Happilee application, harnessing the WhatsApp Business Cloud API, to automate the initial screening process.

Problem Statement

  • Resource-Intensive Screening: Traditional screening processes demand extensive manual effort, resulting in hiring delays.
  • Inconsistent Evaluation: Human bias and subjectivity in candidate assessment can lead to uneven outcomes.
  • Competitive Advantage: In the fiercely competitive job market, organizations require an efficient solution to attract and retain top talent.


Our Happilee application integrates seamlessly with the WhatsApp Business Cloud API, enabling immediate engagement with candidates upon job application. The application adheres to predefined conversation flows tailored to each job post. Hiring teams can customize conversation flows and specify ideal answers to evaluate candidates.


  • WhatsApp Integration: Integration with WhatsApp Business Cloud API guarantees real-time communication with candidates.
  • Conversation Flow: Hiring teams create bespoke conversation flows for each job post.
  • Ideal Answers:The application's intelligence assesses candidate responses based on predefined ideal answers.


  • Efficiency: Automation significantly reduces the time and effort required for candidate screening.
  • Consistency: By eliminating human bias, Happilee ensures fair and consistent evaluation.
  • Time-to-Hire: The solution expedites the hiring process, enabling organizations to secure top talent swiftly.

Quantifying the Benefits

- Research studies on talent acquisition automation validate the advantages:
- A study by [Reference 1] reported a 40% reduction in time-to-hire.
- [Reference 2] found that automated screening reduced manual effort by 60%.
- In a survey by [Reference 3], 78% of organizations reported improved candidate quality after adopting automation.


In Neoito Technology Pvt Ltd, first level screening of candidates is automated through Happilee to some extent. What we have done is, we have collected the candidate profiles from different platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri etc for their vacancy of “Junior Content Writer '' post. We have sent out mail to each candidate with the WhatsApp link for attending the screening and ask them to answer the questions in WhatsApp through voice messages. Hiring team set the initial screening questions through Flow Builder in Happilee and those questions flow will automatically be triggered while candidates send a message through their whatsapp number. When the candidates complete the initial screening questions, the hiring team can hear the candidate’s answers and they can decide whether they need to consider that candidate for further rounds. This is the simple and primitive implementation of Happilee in hiring.

Data Analysis

Neoito Technology Pvt Ltd automated the first-level screening for the "Junior Content Writer" position. A comparison of the average effort for traditional screening versus Happilee automation is shown in the following tables
We have analyzed past hiring data of Neoito and plotted the following table.

From the above table, we can see that the average hourly effort to complete the screening of a single job post is 17.34 hours.
By using Happilee, we have completed the initial screening of the candidates applied for a content writing post. If you look into the below hiring data, you can see that total time spent for screening entire candidates is just 2.5 hours.

In the below table, we just compare the hiring of “Junior Marketing” resources through happilee with past hiring data of the same job position.

From the table, it's evident that Happilee dramatically reduced screening efforts for the job position of “Junior In Marketing” from 16.7 hours to 2.5 hours .


The implementation of the Happilee application, powered by the WhatsApp Business Cloud API, has brought about a profound transformation in our talent acquisition process. By automating the first-level screening of candidates, we've managed to reduce manual effort by 85%, accelerate hiring, and enhance the overall quality of candidates. This innovative solution has firmly established Neoito as a leader in efficient talent acquisition.

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