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Presenting Happilee's new feature: Transfer Facebook leads
to WhatsApp automatically!

Meet David. He works for a business currently handling multiple projects and running multiple ads on Facebook. As a sales manager,
he is tasked with daily providing his sales executives with a list of potential clients. How do you think he accomplishes this task?

David doesn’t have Happilee

  • Access FB ads manager account or Leads centre via laptop or desktop only (No access through mobile phones)
  • Download Leads in CSV format
  • Sieve through the data and upload info on a Google sheet manually.
  • Assign the data to respective sales executives one by one.
  • Hope he didn't miss out on any crucial data or client info.
  • Let Sales executive begin their job.
  • Profit cash

David has Happilee

  • FB leads are auto-captured by Happilee and sent to respective sales executives.
  • Sales executives can access the data on mobile (Happilee app), while David receives it via WhatsApp.
  • Let sales executive begin their job.
  • Profit cash
  • Profit cashcash
  • Profit cashcashcash
  • Profit cashcashcashcash

On top of this, Happilee has numerous other features, like allowing its user to send bulk whatsapp promotions to all Facebook leads.

You might be thinking,
how, right?

When a Facebook lead is generated, it'll get automatically saved into the Happilee contacts module. From there, we can create a broadcast list by exporting the Facebook leads using the broadcasting template. After which, all you have to do is import this list into the Happilee broadcast and send away!

facebook leads to whatsapp

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