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An ultimate guide on WhatsApp Business API for Real Estate 2023

The real estate sector is the fastest-growing sector in the world. In India, it is expected to reach 1 trillion US dollars in market size by 2030. The advent of the internet and the growing use of smartphones in India has catapulted the real estate sector into a new era.

But when it comes to marketing the real estate sector struggles with conventional methods. Buying or selling a property is a cumbersome process which involves a lot of calls, emails, and follow-ups. Conventional ways of communication like this are more time-consuming and delay the process.

Waiting for an agent to get back to the customer could eventually end up losing out on the deal and the customer. Relying too much on human intervention can also add to the cost of the process in the industry.

The real estate industry has always needed a platform that could generate, qualify, and maintain clients quickly and easily, while also instilling trust. In real estate, sales and support are all about speed and trust.

So many realtors are hesitant to do automation because they worry it will alienate their leads. However, traditional communication channels like email and phone calls aren’t exactly inspiring either.

Mails are mostly spam and the busy schedule of the client can be a problem with phone calls. The use of human resources is also a problem which adds up to the costs. Lack of personal touch and delay in the process are the two major issues with traditional forms of communication. This can be solved with the help of a WhatsApp chatbot.

Why do we need chatbot assistance in the real estate field?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a chat associate powered by artificial intelligence in the WhatsApp messenger platform. WhatsApp API helps to send personalized messages which meet the specific needs of the client. This personalization makes tasks less costly and more time-saving. The benefits of having a WhatsApp business API in the field of real estate are: –

  • Cost-effective
  • Boost business
  • Save time
  • Faster customer service
  • 24×7 service
  • 40+ language supported
  • Auto-reply to FAQs
  • Resolve issues
  • Answer the questions about properties and services
  • Send information about payment, document submission, and customer support.
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Send reminders about property visits, payments etc.

Here comes the role of a chatbot and its importance in the real estate sector. WhatsApp chatbot powered by AI automates the whole business and serves better customer engagement.

Uses of WhatsApp chatbot in the real estate sector

Lead Generation

For a realtor, generating leads can be a time-consuming process that is reliant on even the small details, like greeting the customer right from the start. If there is a lack of communication, it could result in losing a business opportunity.

Automating lead generation via WhatsApp API will allow the realtor to engage with potential leads instantly. Collecting necessary information like names, email IDs, and phone numbers through WhatsApp will be much more efficient and convenient for the customer. There are different ways to get prospects to contact you on WhatsApp.

Lead Qualification

The process of lead qualification comes after you’ve generated leads through a chatbot. The chatbot will ask specific questions to the lead, such as budget, location, other specifications of the property etc. This way, chatbots can help you determine which leads are more likely to convert into customers.

Depending on the company, the targeted questions will be different. This is because each company specializes in different areas. For example, some companies might focus on a certain type of Property. By lead qualification, the chatbot will be able to prioritize high-value customers depending on the company’s specialization.

Answer FAQs

It can be frustrating to realtors to have to answer the same questions repeatedly from different clients. A chatbot would be able to answer these FAQs, thus freeing up the realtors’ time to focus on more important tasks.

Agents can use this time to solve more complex queries and help the customer more efficiently. Being able to answer routine questions is one of the main benefits of using a WhatsApp AI chatbot.

Property Searching & Selection

The chatbot is equipped with targeted questions to gain an understanding of the customer’s needs. With this information, the WhatsApp chatbot can provide the customer with a list of properties that match their criteria. From there, the client can choose the property they are interested in and schedule a visit.

Scheduling Site Visit

The chatbot can help to schedule visits for potential customers who are interested in a property. However, there is always the chance that the customer may forget about the visit or be too busy to make it. To prevent this from happening, the chatbot can send timely notifications and reminders to keep the customer on track.

Visit Confirmation Reminders

Confirmation reminders can help to avoid no-shows. By sending reminders through WhatsApp API, you can make sure your clients don’t forget their appointments. And if they need to reschedule, our chatbot can assist them. Also. The chatbot can help clients with timing, direction to the property, and agent information.

Document Submission

The real estate industry relies on paperwork quite a bit. That’s why having a chatbot to help with document submission can save you a lot of time and hassle. Instead of physically submitting hard copies, a chatbot can do it all through WhatsApp in just a few seconds. Plus, with WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, you can be sure your documents are being submitted safely.

Payment Reminders

WhatsApp real estate chatbot is automating any process without losing the human touch. That includes payment reminders. You can set up payment reminders for your tenants so that they will never miss a payment again!

Post-sale support

Even after the sale is closed, the customer may have a lot of questions. The customer might be new to the locality and need assistance in finding local amenities. A WhatsApp chatbot can assist in all these and extend the support to the next level.

By creating a WhatsApp AI chatbot, you are essentially creating a 24/7 customer service representative that can help address any concerns your customers may have – big or small!

How Happilee can help?

Happilee’s WhatsApp chatbot for real estate can help you get more leads with zero code. With our AI-powered chatbot, you can easily generate leads and get more business. If you’re looking for an authorized WhatsApp API provider that can help you build a WhatsApp chatbot for real estate, look no further than Happilee. Contact us today to learn more and get the results you need.

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