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WhatsApp list messages: The key to enhancing your business

WhatsApp list messages is a new feature introduced by Whatsapp to ensure better communication between users and brands. Including this feature makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers. This blog will help you to learn more about this feature and how businesses can use it.

What are list messages?

According to meta “list messages are interactive messages that give your users a simpler way to find and select what they want from your business on WhatsApp. These are messages including a menu of up to 10 options. This type of message offers a simpler and more consistent way for users to make a selection when interacting with a business.” These interactive messages can be sent using WhatsApp API to save time and simplify customer service. Eventually, it leads to an increase in conversion rate.

Once a prompt message is received from the customer, WhatsApp API sends list messages automatically. When they choose their option from the list message, further details are given. The advantage of the list message button is that the customer gets a reply quickly without waiting for a long time.

These interactive messages sent by WhatsApp business API keep the customer attracted and engaged throughout the conversation.

Features of list messages

Interactive messages can be combined in the same flow.

  • Users cannot select more than one option at a time from a list message but can go back and re-open a previous message.
  • List messages cannot be used as notifications.
  • Can only be sent within 24 hours of the last message sent by the user. If you try to send a message outside the 24-hour window, you get an error message.
  • Supported in iOS, Android, and the Web.
  • It can only be used when the customer sends a prompt message
  • No need to get approval from WhatsApp

When to Use List Messages?

Well, such messages can be used on many occasions to give details such as:

  • A customer care or FAQ menu
  • Order food
  • Selection of nearby stores or locations
  • Book appointments
  • Recent order to repeat

Why list messages?

User Friendly

Compared to text messages it is easy to find and select what customers want from businesses. It is simpler and more comprehensive. The more welcoming part is that it is easier to understand. The crisp and concise reply reduces the ambiguity which might have happened while manually entering the replies.

More conversions

The response is more when compared to text messages. And more conversion rate is reported. According to meta “During testing, chatbots using interactive messaging features achieved significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.”

Enhance customer experience

List messages can be customized according to the client’s situation to give a better customer experience. A list message can be used at any stage of buying.

For example, list messages of time slots for appointment booking. Businesses can use these interactive messages to show customers their previous delivery addresses. This allows customers to quickly find the information they need and reply to businesses with a single click.

No need for templates

List messages are automatically sent by WhatsApp API when a prompt message is received from the client. Since it is not a business-initiated message, there is no need for templates. Hence approval from WhatsApp is not required for businesses to send list messages.

Time Saving

It will take a lot of time if conversing with customers is done by manually entering the messages. And dedicated customer service agents are required to interact with each customer. This will consume more time and energy. It can be tackled using list messages provided by WhatsApp API.


The list messages are automatically sent by WhatsApp API. Customers can choose from the list what they want from the business. Human-agent to attend to each customer is not required. This saves both time and money making it more cost-effective.

Minimize Error

Each message is crafted very carefully. It reduces any human error such as typing mistakes. It also eliminates any ambiguity in the message while manually texting the details.

To Sum Up

WhatsApp is useful to both businesses and customers. It is cost-effective and time-saving. For consumers, it is user-friendly and gets quick replies. Since it is available only on WhatsApp API, you need a WhatsApp business solution provider to get it done. Sign up with happilee and start using list messages.

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