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What is WhatsApp Marketing? and How is it useful for a Fintech?

Can you scale your conversion rates up to 7 times the current amount using your WhatsApp business account? Well, probably not. Not alone anyway. However, these results are obtainable using Whatsapp Marketing and with a little help from our WhatsApp business API.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at why WhatsApp marketing is an absolute powerhouse for creating and converting leads, regularly updating, and informing your customers about the latest developments and offers. Learn about the untapped potential of WhatsApp marketing through our very own WhatsApp business API: HAPPILEE.

The finance industry is, without a doubt, one of the oldest and most profitable industries in the world, and rightfully so. For as long as money existed, so did the need to be financially secure. Be it an investment, loan, or mortgage, people have always felt the need to be supported financially. Although the finance industry has thrived for centuries, another industry supported and enabled its exponential growth, and that is – Fintech. Fintech deals with the technology and programs that enable finance companies to further increase customer access and support. Fintech can include apps, digital advertisements, automated portfolio managers, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into one such newly developed fintech, Happilee. Happilee is a one-stop solution for all your WhatsApp marketing needs!

Now that you’ve gotten an overview, Let’s get down to business, shall we?

What exactly is Happilee?

Happilee is a WhatsApp business API that (as the name suggests) provides WhatsApp marketing features like Lead generation, lead authentication, customer support, automated replies, etc, that will allow you to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Why WhatsApp marketing?

Simply put, emails and cold calling are a thing of the past and are now mostly labeled as an annoyance rather than a good advertising strategy. WhatsApp marketing, on the other hand, is very promising. Research shows that WhatsApp marketing is 7 times more effective than regular SMS and email marketing. Here are some facts about WhatsApp that might enlighten you:

  • WhatsApp is HUGE! with more than 2 billion users worldwide, this social media platform is ripe and ready for the taking.
  • WhatsApp has around 45% – 60% click rate. Any ad posted through WhatsApp has a 50% chance of being clicked on, which is way more than other conventional methods of serving ads like emails.
  • WhatsApp has a 95% open rate, meaning your ad or notification will rarely be unread or ignored.
  • WhatsApp is one of the only social media platforms with a 78% response rate, meaning that a whopping 78% of the ads you post using WhatsApp generate a response.

With these facts in mind, let’s see what Happilee, our WhatsApp business API has to offer in terms of helping you as a financial business succeed:

 Happilee promises a better customer satisfaction rate.

Two of the most common yet critical criteria that must be satisfied for a business to survive are customer satisfaction and loyalty. Loyal customers become repeat customers, and repeat customers are the best form of free advertisement for any business. Happile can answer most questions instantly, resulting in happy customers.

Happilee saves precious business hours.

Why waste manpower on simple tasks when you can automate and forget about them? Happilee will answer customer FAQs without the need for human interaction.

Happilee can send and receive images, text, and documents 

Send and receive documents, images, and other communication forms safely and easily using our WhatsApp API.

Happilee helps retain your existing customers.

Happilee is focused on retaining the customers that your company has made over the years. We answer any queries they might have and encourage customers to return to your company.

Happilee can generate and verify leads.

Leads are essential for a financial company’s business. With the help of Happilee, not only will you be able to generate new leads, but you’ll also be able to verify their authenticity as well.

Happilee lets you stay organized.

Happilee lets you stay organized by making contact management a breeze with smart cards, labels, tags, and private notes.

Here are a few of Happilee’s features that will surely get your company to the top:

  1. Launch WhatsApp sales: Use WhatsApp campaigns and auto-replies to showcase your product catalogue.
  2. Operator Management: Send personalized reminders through WhatsApp to every customer that left without buying anything and motivate them to make that impulsive purchase.
  3. Add WhatsApp Widget & Team Inbox: Make it easy for customers to raise queries on your website and collaborate with your teammates to resolve them quickly by incorporating a WhatsApp widget.
  4. Send Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts: Easy one-click sending of one-time or recurring promotions to thousands of opted-in customers.
  5. Mobile Responsive: Happilee is a responsive web app. You can monitor your customer chats on both mobile and desktop.
  6. Monitor Chat Analytics: Track your agents’ replies and response time to improve your customer experience.
  7. Send Product Information Using Smart Buttons: Share details about your products, services, and courses with your leads, and use clickable buttons to generate instant interest and conversions. Send images, videos, and documents to thousands of leads at once!


WhatsApp marketing has tremendous potential, and it will be a waste to sit on such a gold mine and not use it effectively. With our Happilee WhatsApp business API, you’ll be able to scale your business exponentially. Create and convert new leads, retain old customers, and keep everyone in the loop via alerts, reminders, and broadcasts. In the finance industry, where the competition is stiff and fierce, Happilee will give you the edge you need to dominate the market and ensure your success. Join the Happilee community today and see your business grow like never before.

The pre-requisites for installing and using Happilee are as follows:

1. A dedicated mobile number is needed for this chatbot.

2. Verified Facebook Business page.

3. A detailed workflow of how the chatbot should respond to messages.

4.You will need a template for initiating chats and sending broadcast messages which should get approval from WhatsApp.

That is pretty much it! This is all it takes before you start using Happilee. So why wait?

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