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Conversational AI: Latest innovation in customer care

The year is 2023, and AI and other recently developed technologies have begun showing their true potential. Due to the lack of innovation in the field and technologies making huge leaps in terms of progress, this particular industry has been affected way too much. Auto rejection of calls and options to block unknown numbers means

Use a WhatsApp Business API to scale your business

WhatsApp is a huge online social platform with more than 2 billion users worldwide. This means that the potential for marketing in WhatsApp is also enormous. Giant enterprises and small-scale businesses have begun to use WhatsApp marketing effectively with the help of WhatsApp business and WhatsApp business API. Today we’ll be taking a deep dive

What is WhatsApp Marketing? and How is it useful for a Fintech?

Can you scale your conversion rates up to 7 times the current amount using your WhatsApp business account? Well, probably not. Not alone anyway. However, these results are obtainable using Whatsapp Marketing and with a little help from our WhatsApp business API. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at why WhatsApp marketing is

WhatsApp API: A revolution in the customer service industry

Customer service agents have recently started benefiting from Whatsapp api and other AI-powered tools. This is a shift from the traditional ways of dealing with customers and is clearly affecting every industry in one way or the other. For any industry to thrive, it needs to have repeat customers and a loyal following. Both are

WhatsApp list messages: The key to enhancing your business

WhatsApp list messages is a new feature introduced by Whatsapp to ensure better communication between users and brands. Including this feature makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers. This blog will help you to learn more about this feature and how businesses can use it. What are list messages? According to meta “list

An ultimate guide on WhatsApp Business API for Real Estate 2023

The real estate sector is the fastest-growing sector in the world. In India, it is expected to reach 1 trillion US dollars in market size by 2030. The advent of the internet and the growing use of smartphones in India has catapulted the real estate sector into a new era. But when it comes to

How to boost your sales using a WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp is a popular messenger platform, with over 100 billion messages have been delivered a day. It has billions of users all over the world. WhatsApp API is an application program interface that allows businesses to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages, launched in 2018. It provides medium and large businesses with a personalized solution

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